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Your style is your brand.

People keep an image of you in their head. When a thought of you appears, so does your overall style. Our style can depend on the day, activity or situation. We are trained early in life, a choice of career or title comes an expectation of style. As a hairstylist, and owner of HT Salon in Alpharetta, GA. I consult with my clients upon each visit. This quick Q&A allows us to determine the current hairstyle, the perfect length, and hair color to fit a clients lifestyle. Our hair changes constantly, as do our lives so the “same” color and cut could change month to month. Recently, style has become more casual. Style reflects what is changing in society. With home offices, and remote learning have relaxed our style choices.

Here are some pointers to keeping a polished professional style, while keeping up with lifestyle changes.

  • Clothing choices for video or photos should remain solid colors. Busy patterns can be unflattering and distracting. You do not want the pattern to take the focus from you.

  • A hairstyle is the accessory that is worn everyday. Start with a fresh cut that enhances your face shape. The eye natural travels when looking at something. If you hair is too long or thick at the neckline, it can be aging.

  • Keep hair color touched up and locks moisturized. Choice of shampoo and conditioner is keep to maintaining healthy, shiny hair. At HT Salon we carry a wide variety of different products that help support your styling or color needs. We love clean beauty products that are free of sulfates, parabens, and other additives.

  • Makeup is a finishing touch. Anyone can benefit from a little makeup. A good basic skincare routine goes a long way. Cleanse and Moisturize your face daily. Shape your eyebrows, and remove any unwanted facial hair. These habits will simplify a makeup routine. If you do not know where to start, a simple CC cream, tinted Moisturizer with sunscreen is a great start. Concealer is an option for under-eye darkness or blemishes. Take your look a little further with blush and bronzer, curl eyelashes and add mascara.

  • Lastly, etiquette is classy. Return the call, text or email. Be kind, you never know what someone has going on in their lives. Being polite to everyone, will make you feel better about yourself. A polished style will help you feel more self-assured daily. When we feel great about how we look it radiates confidence. Self care is essential, not selfish.

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